The Pine Cone Award
Cone Heads
Unlike awards that emphasize some particular operator acheivement this award focuses on getting outdoors with your radio.

  1. This award is available to GORC members. If you are a GORC member on or before March 1, 2014 you can start counting QSOs from that date. If you become a member after March 1, 2014, start counting QSOs when you become a member of the club.

  2. QSOs must be made from an "outdoor QTH". An outdoor QTH is a public place that anyone should be able to get to by either hiking, biking, or driving. It can be anything from a bare mountain top or a sheltered picnic table in a neighborhood park.

  3. You can use any mode, frequency, or power level that is within the priveledges of your licence. There are no restrictions on your source of power.

  4. You can count QSOs that are part of a special event but not those that are part of a contest or sprint.

  5. You can count QSOs with the same station more than once if there is at least 24 hours separating them.

  6. You are limited to counting a maximum of five QSOs in a 24 hour period.

  7. QSOs are not limited to other GORC members but there should be some mention of GORC in your exchange to help publicize the club.
When you have accumulated 25 QSOs according to the rules above, you can apply for your first Pine Cone. You can apply for a second Pine Cone after logging an additional 25 QSOs, and so on, up to a maximum of five Pine Cones.

No logs have to be submitted. The honor system is used here. Just fill in the application form below.


If you are resubmitting for the same award or an additional award, you must still answer all questions. You can keep the same photo and comments but you must submit them again. Only your last submitted data will be used.
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- Your GORC#?
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How many pine cones are you claiming?
1 Cone.        2 Cones.        3 Cones.        4 Cones.        5 Cones.
Include a photo taken at one of your outdoor locations.
(Maximum size 520 x 390 jpg.)

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Cone Heads

Submitted by: VK5PAS - Paul

1. Point Addis Coastal Park, 17-Nov-2015, 59 QSOs
2. Little Desert National Park, 20-Nov-2015, 46 QSOs
3. Mount Magnificent Conservation Park, 28-Nov-2015, 75 QSOs
4. Stipiturus Conservation Park, 29-Nov-2015, 78 QSOs
5. Mount George Conservation Park, 11-Dec-2015, 52 QSOs

Little Desert National Park
Submitted by: VK5PAS - Paul

1. Bay of Islands Coastal Park, 12-Nov-2015, 46 QSOs
2. Twelve APostles Marine National Park, 13-Nov-2015, 69 QSOs
3. Post Campbell National Park, 14-Nov-2015, 53 QSOs
4. Great Otway National Park, 15-Nov-2015, 68 QSOs
5. Great Otway National Park, 16-Nov-2015, 48 QSOs

Bay of Islands Coastal Park
Submitted by: VK5PAS - Paul

1. Hattah Kulyne National Park, 26-Oct-2015, 67 QSOs
2. Billiatt Conservation Park, 07-Nov-2015, 57 QSOs
3. Peebinga Conservation Park, 08-Nov-2015-, 31 QSOs
4. Discovery Bay Marine National Park, 09-Nov-2015, 48 QSOs
5. Discovery Bay Coastal Park. 10-Nov-2015, 22 QSOs

Discovery Bay Marine National Park
Submitted by: VK5PAS - Paul

1. Mowantjie Willauwar Conservation Park, 19th September 2015 - 111 contacts
2. Belair National Park, 4th October 2015 - 28 contacts
3. Morialta Conservation Park, 17th October 2015 - 106 contacts
4. Newland Head Conservation Park, 18th October 2015 - 113 contacts
5. Wyperfeld National Park, 22nd October 2015 - 23 contacts

Belair National Park
Submitted by: VK5PAS - Paul

Mowantjie Willauwar Conservation Park
Submitted by: KB4QQJ - Randy

This is a favorite day spot at Ceder Rock Park. Good trails, good fishing and
radio friendly Rangers...

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