Radio Central Day Spotter Page   

The Radio Central Amateur Radio Club has, in the past, celebrated the startup of operations of the RCA Radio Central transmitter site in Rocky Point, NY as a special event on the weekend closest to November 5. To keep the air waves clear on that weekend for the CQ WorldWide Events we have moved our special event this year to October 21, 2017.

The Radio Corporation of America was formed in 1919 as a subsidiary of the General Electric Corporation. The primary objective was to make RCA the premier international radio communications company. In 1921 it opened the Radio Central facility in Rocky Point, NY and officially began operations at that facility on November 5, 1921. At the time it was the largest transmitter facility in the world.

The Radio Central ARC will operate two stations from an original Marconi Shack which is currently located in Rocky Point, NY. The shack was built around 1902 in Babylon, NY and was in use for only a few years. Then, until 1930 it was used by the actual owner as a storage shed. In 1930 it was bought by Edwin Armstrong and given to the Radio Corporation of America as an important radio artifact. It rested at RCA's main transmitter site in Rocky Point, NY until the 1960's. After a few other moves and the sale of the RCA property to New York State, the ownership of the shack was transferred to the Rocky Point School District. In 1996 the shack was moved to its current location on the grounds of the Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School, about a mile from where it stood at the RCA transmitter site. The shack has undergone some restoration by members of the Rocky Point Historical Society, The Sons of Italy, and the Radio Central ARC.

During the special event the club will operate CW around 7050 kHz, 7115 kHz, and 14050 kHz. Look for us on SSB around 7285 kHz and 14285 kHz. Use the spotter page linked above to find us and spot us.

An attempt will be made to send everyone in our log a certificate to confirm the contact. The certificate will be sent via email to the email address listed on QRZ.COM. If you do not have an email address listed on QRZ.COM you can request a certificate by sending us an email at and be sure to include your call sign.

For the early history of Radio Central see here.

For more information on the Marconi Shack, see here.

For Google maps see here:
Radio Central Transmitter site: 40 55 25.41N 72 56 7.48W
The Marconi Shack: 40 56 18.04N 72 56 25.43W